LOVI Bottle Insulator

Catalog no: 19/221

LOVI Bottle Insulator

Catalog no: 19/221

3-layer thermo-insulation foil

Maintains food temperature for 2 hours.

Durable coating

Manufactured from non-toxic, easily cleaned fabric.

Detachable strip

Makes it easier to carry and fix the bottle insulator to pram's handle.

In Set:

  • bottle insulator
  • Do not wash Do not wash
Product details:
  • Maintains food temperature for 2 hours
  • Fits most wide bottles available on the market
  • From highest quality and durable materials

LOVI Bottle Insulator maintains warm temperature of food in the bottle for up to 2 hours. It also prevents cool water from getting warm on a walk or when travelling.


Mom's reviews

LOVI Bottle Insulator is hygienic in use. The thermal insulation layer is much thicker than in the previously used container, and the foil inside is arguably stronger and more durable.
Evie, Sydelle's mother
Nice, elegant and toned design are a huge benefit. What’s better is the container’s functionality. It fits all bottle and cup sizes, even the non-standard ones. 
Lena, Antonie's mother
I like the look, it’s simple, classic. You can also detach the handle – this was great for our pram, which is full of other things all the time.
Katelynn, Cory's mother
Young boy holding a lovi bottle insulator in his hand.
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Lovi bottle insultor lying on the ground