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Discreet Elegance Breast Pads

Is it possible to attach the pads to the bra?

Yes, two adhesive strips make it stay in place and prevents its shifting in the bra.

How are LOVI Discreet Elegance Breast Pads different from the standard pads?

Our lactation pads come with a gelling insert that absorbs the moisture and provides a feeling of dryness for a long time. They are extremely soft and delicate, and they do not cause irritation. Unlike most of the pads on the market, they have two adhesive strips and they are not shifting in the bra. They are large enough to protect your bra from getting soiled. Apart from white, you can buy them in beige and black. They are perfect if you use colourful underwear. Moreover they have elegant lace to make you feel feminine.

How often should the pads be changed?

In the beginning, when the breasts are sensitive and the nipples are irritated or injured, the pads should be changed after each feeding to minimize the risk of inflammation. The basic hygienic standards require changing the pads every 3 hours.

Silicone Nipple Protectors

When should the nipple protectors be used?

LOVI protectors are recommended mainly in the case of flat or inverted nipples, as they imitate a nipple. When the nipples are injured and direct feeding is impossible due to severe pain, you can use the protectors as a temporary help, after asking your lactation consultant for an advice.

How to choose the size of the nipple protectors?

The protector size should match the nipple diameter (length does not matter, as the product is primarily designed for the mums with inverted or flat nipples) and the baby's mouth. When the nipple's diameter is small or when the baby is premature, we recommend buying size S, but when the nipple's diameter is standard or large, we recommend buying the protectors of size L (standard). The nipple should be fully covered by the protector, which should not be too narrow or too tight, but should shape the nipple so that the milk can flow freely. You cannot put a too narrow protector on a too large nipple. It is best if you could be helped by a lactation consultant or an experienced midwife.

Breast pumps

Is it possible to buy spare parts for LOVI breast pumps?

Currently, we sell spare parts only for LOVI Prolactis Electric Breast Pump. But all our breast pumps comes with additional spare elements that are most prone to wear during use. What is more, all LOVI breast pumps are subjected to a warranty - if any part is damaged, please report it to LOVI brand service point (please use the telephone number and the contact form provided in the contact tab).

How is LOVI Protect Manual Breast Pump different from other manual breast pumps on the market?

Most manual breast pumps available on the market are single phase pumps, without the option of suction power adjustment. LOVI Protect breast pump works in two phases - the first phase involves letdown stimulation (shallow, rapid extraction), and the second phase is a deep extraction (stronger and slower) - therefore more milk is extracted in a shorter time. The suction power may be adjusted, which is especially important at the beginning of the lactation, when the breasts are sore and sensitive - setting an individual suction power helps to reduce the extraction-related discomfort. The handle of LOVI Protect Manual Breast Pump moves very smoothly, providing almost effortless extraction, as confirmed by 80% of mums in a study coordinated by the hospital staff.

Breastfeeding and LOVI bottles

Are LOVI bottles safe for breastfeeding?

LOVI bottles comes with a unique Dynamic Teat®, made of heterogeneous layers of silicone, so that it does not disturb the natural suckling reflex and does not discourage the baby from suckling the breast. Lack of negative effects of LOVI bottles on breastfeeding was confirmed in a medical study. Therefore, if it is necessary to feed a baby with mum's milk in a safe way, LOVI bottles are a good solution.

Bottle Feeding

LOVI bottles

Can LOVI bottles be boiled after each use and washing up?

LOVI bottles should be boiled before the first use. While in everyday use, it is enough to rinse the washed bottle with boiling water or sterilize it in a steam or a microwave sterilizer.

Can the cap from LOVI Self-sterilizing Bottle be used for sterilizing LOVI Medical+ Bottle?

The cap from Self-sterilizing Bottle fits all other versions of LOVI bottles. It can be used to sterilize also LOVI Medical+ Bottle

Shall the Self-sterilizing Bottle be sterilized only in a microwave oven?

The Self-sterilizing Bottle comes with a cap, and therefore it is designed for a quick and convenient sterilization in a microwave oven. However, it can also be sterilized using a standard method.

LOVI Dynamic Feeding Teat®

Why does it sometimes suck in?

The reason for the teat sucking in may be a glued vent located in the teat collar. It should be gently stretched with fingers before the first use and if sucking in is noticed. A common cause of the teat sucking in is tightening the nut too much. When the nut is screwed too tightly, the air vent in the teat is closed, and this results in the teat sucking in. To avoid this problem, gently loose the nut to release the teat vent. This problem is more common in the case of mini flow teats. The least intensive flow may be an additional factor causing the sucking in. Therefore, it is recommended not to screw the cap too tightly, so as not to close the air vent.

What are available teat flows?

The following flow types are available in LOVI teats: mini (0 +), slow (3m+), medium (6m+), fast (9m+), porridge (6m+), and variable (3m +). The last two types can be used for foods of different density, e.g., porridge, and for children of different ages.

LOVI Bottle Insulator

How long does it keep the temperature of the food?

LOVI Bottle Insulator keeps the temperature of warm milk in a bottle for about 1.5 - 2 hours on cooler days, and for up to 3 hours on warmer days. In addition, it prevents a bottle of cold water from warming up too quickly on a walk or during travelling. The Bottle Insulator is not a thermos.

Does it fit other bottles than LOVI ones?

LOVI soft bottle insulator fits most bottles available on the market.


LOVI Dynamic Soother®:

Should the soother size always match the age range specified on the packaging?

"The information on the soother packaging is a suggestion based on average size of a baby's articulatory apparatus in a specific age group. However, it often happens that an infant is uncomfortable when the soother is replaced with a bigger one. The babies differ in their birth weight and they fit different developmental levels of the growth chart. It cannot be therefore expected that the same size of a soother is suitable for all the children in the same age group. We should observe the baby's reaction and not be afraid to stick to a smaller soother for longer. This does not increase the risk of secondary deformations of the articulatory apparatus, especially that in practice this extension does not usually exceed a month or two. " Aleksandra Łada, NDT SLT Senior Tutor.

Which collections come with glowing in the dark elements?

Soothers from Buddy Bear, Pride&Joy, Day&Night and My Little Love collections have a hand glowing in the dark. Soothers from Follow the Rabbit Collection have louminous disc and spots. If the elements do not glow, simply hold the soother under artificial light for a few minutes.

Why are LOVI soothers called dynamic?

Because LOVI nipples are made of non-homogeneous silicone layers which enlongates and contracts according to baby's suckling rhythm. Thanks to that, LOVI soothers do not disturb the natural suckling reflex, prevent the reflex of biting a soother, ensure easy breathing and swallowing of saliva and do not disturb normal development of speech and bite patterns.

Drinking from Cup

Training cups

Are the spouts from the training cups interchangeable and are they compatible with LOVI bottles?

Standard training cups and LOVI bottles have the same thread width, so they are compatible and can be used with various spouts and teats. Cup holders match the LOVI bottles.

Non-spill cups and 360° cups

Are cups from 360° and non-spill cups interchangeable?

Yes, the caps are compatible: the one from a 360° cup can be used interchangeably with the one from non-spill cups.

Is a 360° cup a non-spill cup?

LOVI 360° cup is not a non-spill cup. It was designed for the babies taking their first steps in learning how to drink from a glass. This is the next step after mastering drinking from a training cup and a non-spill cup with a hard spout. An innovative sealing system enables drinking and prevents fluid spills. However, this is not a non-spill cup, as it was designed to coax the babies into the habit of controlling their movements and providing them with the conditions similar to the glass-like drinking, and therefore some fluid may spill out following strong shaking or a fall.

Is it possible to buy a seal for LOVI 360° Cup?

Yes. The seal for LOVI 360° Cup is sold separately.

Why is the protective cap for LOVI 360° Cup very tight and difficult to remove?

Since LOVI 360° Cup is not a non-spill cup, its protective cap was designed so as to strictly adhere to the bottle walls, thereby preventing fluid spills while travelling, when the child does not use the cup.

How shall I assemble Buddy Bear Non-spill Cup to place the pattern of bear beetwen the handles?

In order to assemble Buddy Bear Non-spill Cup correctly (the print and the spout shall be in the middle between two handles) when inserting the spout into the cap, adjust the two elements, a spout with a screw, according to the following principle: MINI cup - one dot (on the screw) under the heart (on the spout), JUNIOR cup - two dots (on the screw) under the heart (on the spout).

Medical research

Safety guarantee is provided by the results of medical examinations involving large groups of infants, recommendations of doctors and awards granted to LOVI products by professors of medical sciences.
We are trusted by experts, trust us as well.

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