NEW! Dynamic Soothers in new Harmony collection


Are you looking for a safe soother for your baby?

Get to know LOVI Dynamic Silicone Soothers in new Harmony collection.

When we designed our soothers, we wanted them to be completely safe for babies who are breastfed, so we asked for feedback from neurologopedics.

But this is not only the advantage of our soothers:

- dynamic soothers have a symmetrical shape that is similar to that of the breast nipple

- nipple is made of high – quality silicone which smell and taste is not perceptible to the child.

- in contrast to rubber, silicone soothers do not deform, are durable and therefore economical

- profiled shape of the shield enables the child to breathe easily through the nose

- shield holes enable free flow of air and prevent the baby skin from irritating

Harmony is a collection referring to such trends as minimalism, calm down or closeness to nature. It is a collection perfect for parents who like earth colors and delicate graphics.

Harmony soothers are available in different sizes, adapted to the age of the child: 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-18m and for older children 18m+ soothers with reinforced nipple, which is more resistant to biting. This is especially important in times of intensive tooth and gum development. 


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