We protect what’s
most valuable for
you and your baby

Sterilizer and dryer in one!

It is a guarantee of the baby's safety and comfort, as well as saving time for the mother

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NEW! Wild Soul soothers collection

A collection of soothers inspired by nature.
The Wild Soul Dynamic Soothers which do not impede the suckling reflex are designed to your baby’s safe

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Discover our products

Medical research

Safety guarantee is provided by the results of medical examinations, recommendations of doctors and awards granted to LOVI products by professors of medical sciences.
We are trusted by experts, trust us as well.

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Buddy Bear

A display of four LOVI products - two soothers and two cups, from the buddy bear collection. The products are beige, brown and have a white bear theme on them See more


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Salt & Pepper

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Indian Summer

A set of five products - two lovi 360 cups, two soothers and a soother holder all from follow the rabbit collection - with a cartoon white rabbit theme. On a white background. See more


Products from the Botanic Collection - two bottles with blue flowers, one pink soother with butterly and one green soother witd dragonfly See more

Tools for Parents

Pregnancy Calendar
Lactation Assistance
Breastfeeding course

Pregnancy Calendar

Week by week we follow your baby’s growth and changes in your body. We advise you on health and diet during your pregnancy.

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Lactation Assistance

Having problems with breastfeeding?
Here you will find the cause of your problems and proposed solutions discussed with a lactation consultant.

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Breastfeeding Course

Prepare for breastfeeding. Take advantage of the lessons of feeding prepared in cooperation with experts. 

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Use our help

A pregnant woman is lying on a blue couch sideways. She holds his head with one hand and the other with his belly. He is wearing a white blouse and shirt in a gray-red-black check. He is wearing blue jeans with holes. Read more

8 Dangerous Symptoms During Pregnancy

Nausea, backache and excessive drowsiness are usual inconveniences that appear during pregnancy and are not cause for worry. However, some symptoms that arise during this period may require immediate consultation and medical ...

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14 Ways To Increase Lactation

One of the most common fears about breastfeeding is the shortage of breast milk. Here we present our ways to increase lactation.

Mom is sitting on the couch, holding the baby in her arms and feeding her with a bottle of milk. Mom is wearing a silver dress for straps. He has long, curly blond hair. There is a gray bedspread and a blue pillow on the couch. Behind the sofa there is a balcony window. You can see the balcony. Read more

Rules for Bottle Feeding During the Day and at Night

You have already chosen infant formula, the right bottles and good teats. Now you need to learn how to prepare milk for your baby. We can advise you on how to do it both during the day and at night.

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When the Child Starts Speaking

When will my child start talking? - this question invariably bothers parents of young children. We will help you find the answer.

A small baby infant is suckling on its moms breast. The baby is looking at its moms face with bug blue eyes. Read more

Basic Breastfeeding Mistakes

You are expecting a baby and want to breastfeed, or maybe you have already started this exceptional adventure, but your head is full of questions and doubts, as in many cases it is not an easy and problem-free task. We will ...

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Manual or Electric Breast Pump - Which One Should you Buy?

Before giving birth to their babies many mothers wonder whether to buy a breast pump, and if so, which model to choose. Is it worth investing in a more expensive electric breast pump, or opt for a cheaper, hand-operated model? ...

Newborn baby is being bathed, probably for the first time, in a plastic baby bath thub. He is held and supported by his mothers arms Read more

Bathing a Newborn

Beloved tiny hands, legs, eyes, ears, and nose - all so small, delicate and completely dependent on mum and dad's care. The very thought of baby's bath is enough to make beginning parents stiff with fear, but the advanced ...

Young beautiful dark haired mother is breastfeeding her baby infant. The moher holds the baby in her arms and is lifting her black and white striped tshirt to expose her breast and feed the baby. She is looking peacefully at her child Read more

Breast Care During Lactation

Although many mums worry about it, breastfeeding does not make breasts unattractive. Just take care of them properly choosing the appropriate underwear, cosmetics and products for lactation hygiene.

Young and beautiful mother holding a small baby in her arms and kissing it on the head - trying to comfort it. The baby is looking sad and its eyes are focused outide of the frame. There is a white background. Read more

Baby Colic - What to do?

Baby colic keeps many parents awake at night. It's a painful and uncomfortable ailment of babies that can last for several months. Explore the causes and proven ways to alleviate it..

Mother and her baby are lying on the bed. Mom has ginger hair and wears white T-shirt. Baby is blonde and is wearing white T-shirt. They are looking at each other and smiling Read more

Being a Mum And Not Going Crazy

Each change is a challenge, and arrival of a new and very demanding member of the family is a 180 degrees change. Yes, it is harder than you expected. Yes, it does not look as it did in your dreams. Yes, it is easy to lose ...

Young beautiful woman is standing in a nursery room next to a crib and holding a newborn baby in her arms. She is smiling happily and looking at the baby. Read more

How To Lose Weight

You have just given birth. You look at yourself in a mirror and see rolls of fat on your hips, loose stomach muscles and stretch marks. It is natural, as nine months of pregnancy change woman's body.

A family laying in bed togheter and hugging. Man hugging a woman who is holding a baby. Mother and babys eyes are closed. The father has his arm around them. They are lying on a white sheet in bed. Read more

How To Deal With Cold In a Baby

How to deal with cold, and react to first signs of infection, what you can do at home and when you should contact a doctor - you can find all this information in our article.