Novelty! LOVI silicone bibs.


Are you starting to expand your child's diet, or maybe you are already in the process of serving the first soups? If you are wondering how to make this process easier for both your child and yourself, use our new product. ​

LOVI silicone bib with a pocket is a convenience for parents - it protects against dirt while learning to eat independently. Discover the most important advantages of the LOVI bib: ​

  • Comfortable – soft, light silicone and contoured shape ensure freedom of movement ,​

  • Practical - hard and deep pocket for catching food scraps,​

  • Made of safe silicone,​

  • Has the different thickness and hardness of the silicone - thickened on the pocket and in the place of fastening, the rest of the bib is thinner, delicate for the child ​

  • Ergonomic - profiled shape, adapted to any child’s body​

  • Easy to clean – no nooks and dishwasher safe.​

LOVI Silicone bib is available in three colors, which can be easily matched to our other expanding diet products, such as bowls, plates or spoons. ​

Create a beautiful set for your baby. 

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