LOVI Trends Bottle with a dynamic teat in energetic Junlge Vibes collection!


Bottle safe for a breastfed child, as it does not disturb the sucking reflex and does not interfere with natural feeding . Discover its other benefits:​

  • Dynamic teat ending - made from a thin layer of silicone. It extends and contracts in harmony with the child's suckling action. Mobilises the oral cavity muscles to actively work .​

  • Hard, wide, profiled teat base - made from a thicker layer of silicone Provides stable support for lips and prevents from biting the teat's base. Contoured shape and appropriate base width force proper positioning of the lips.​

  • Anti-colic SUPER air vent system - prevents air from mixing with milk. This way it decreases colic risk. ​

Jungle Vibes collection now includes: bottle with dynamic teat, soothers, soother holder and first cup with a weighted straw. ​

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