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Clinical trials of the LOVI Expert Electric Breast Pump 

The LOVI Expert Breast Pump was successfully used in neonatal clinics and was carefully assessed by qualified medical professionals and mothers who used it to express breast milk. The assessment relied on a uniform survey completed on an ongoing basis by a group of over 60 women. First of all, the pump was found effective (it enabled users to express about 100 ml in 10 minutes on average), comfortable and very quiet, which was stressed by the respondents. Secondly, it helped to induce lactation in mothers of premature babies and women who had caesarean deliveries.


confirmed that the LOVI Breast Pump met their expectations

Lovi Medical+ bottle. Transparent bottle with a grey lovi logo

Respondent trial of LOVI Bottle with Dynamic Teat® under medical supervision

An out-patient sample survey of LOVI bottle with Dynamic Teat® conducted under clinical conditions in 2007, using a specialized questionnaire among doctors, nurses and midwives and 607 parents of infants aged 0-12 months (in Polish hospitals and paediatric clinics) confirmed the unique features of the natural process of suckling resembling breastfeeding:


of doctors did not notice any difficulties in combining breastfeeding with LOVI Bottle feeding


of doctors confirmed the natural rhythm of suckling (as during breastfeeding) during the use of LOVI Bottle.


of responders rated the LOVI Bottle as good, very good or excellent, 62% of which gave the "excellent" rating.

Feature of the LOVI dynamic soother - heterogeneous layers of silicone

A respondent study of LOVI Dynamic Soother ® under medical supervision

An out-patient sample survey conducted under clinical conditions on a group of 150 infants aged 0-18 months in Polish clinics (special district paediatric and neonatal clinics of the National Health Fund in Katowice, Rzeszow and Bydgoszcz) with the participation of midwives and parents confirmed the unique features of LOVI Dynamic Soother®:


of parents and midwives would recommend LOVI Dynamic Soother® to other parents.


of responders rated LOVI Dynamic Soother® as good, very good or excellent.


of parents and midwives did not observe any unwanted response during the babys' use of LOVI Dynamic Soother® such as difficulties with saliva discharge or breathing anomalies.

Consumer tests of LOVI bottle

LOVI Medical+ Bottle has been tested by the readers of the "Mamo to ja" magazine ("Mum it's me"). The test was carried out on the basis of a questionnaire containing closed questions and was supervised by specialists from the "Mamo to ja" magazine. The test was participated by 125 mums.


of the mums who participated in the test would recommend LOVI Bottle to other mums.


of mums claimed that the use of LOVI Bottle allowed them to combine bottle feeding with breastfeeding. 


of responders found LOVI Dynamic Soother® different than other soothers available on the market - thanks to its ability to expand and its flexibility.