LOVI Medical+ Bottle 250 ml

Catalog no: 21/562

LOVI Medical+ Bottle 250 ml

Catalog no: 21/562

Dynamic teat ending

Made from a thin layer of silicone. It extends and contracts in harmony with the child's suckling action. Mobilises the oral cavity muscles to actively work .

Hard, wide, profiled teat base

Made from a thicker layer of silicone Provides stable support for lips and prevents from biting the teat's base. Contoured shape and appropriate base width force proper positioning of the lips.

Anti-colic SUPER air vent system

Prevents air from mixing with milk. This way it decreases colic risk. 

Contoured bottle shape

Enables proper bottle holding and provides food in a safe position.

Food container

The sealing disk turns the bottle into a perfect container for storing and carrying food.

Feeding cup

Equipped with a scale and special edge to safely provide milk and medicine to newborns and babies.

In Set:

  • bottle 250 ml
  • Dynamic Feeding Teat®
  • elastic sealing disk
  • cap
  • feeding cup
  • Sterilization with boiling water Sterilization with boiling water
  • Dishwasher friendly Dishwasher friendly
  • Microwave friendly Microwave friendly
  • Pouring boiling water Pouring boiling water
  • Sterilizer Sterilizer
Product details:
  • Does not disturb the suckling reflex
  • Enables easy combination of breastfeeding and feeding from the bottle
  • Enables proper suckling-swallowing-breathing coordination
  • Provides proper mouth and tongue muscle work
  • Enables proper suckling rhythm
  • Compatible with LOVI Breast Pumps

LOVI Medical+ Bottle is safe for breastfed children because it does not disturb the suckling reflex. Designed and tested medically. Equipped with a unique Dynamic Feeding Teat® with thin, protruding ending, a hard, profiled base and super vent air outflow system.

REMEMBER: LOVI brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthiest method for feeding. Alternative feeding methods should be used after consulting a doctor, midwife or pharmacist if breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient.


Expert review

Medical Research Results

89% of doctors do not see any contraindication in combining natural feeding with feeding through LOVI bottle

88% of doctors confirm that the suckling rhythm of the breastfed baby is maintained

Mom's reviews

The teat has a great shape, similar to a breast. The child does not gulp or choke, the bottle is totally sealed and does not result in colics.
Heidi, Kristel's mother
My little daughter knew immediately how to drink from the bottle. This teat extends just like womens, so children who are breastfed do not have any problems with feeding from the breast.
Rowan, Elnore's mother
Great looking, durable, effective and what’s most important – after being fed from the bottle children still want to use mum’s breasts.
Guadalupe, Emeline's mother
Young father is bottle feeding his son.
Mother holding her baby infant on her lap.
Dad is feeding his baby.
The woman is holding her baby boy on her lap and bottle feeding him.
Baby is drinking from a feeding bottle
Father is bottle feeding his infant baby.
Baby is being fed by its mother