LOVI Soother: Safe for Your Baby 

Read this article to learn how to choose the first soother for your baby. 

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Why do babies like soothers? 

Sucking helps a baby feel more secure and content, and can have a positive impact on their development. During the first few months of life, babies have a strong need to suck and want to be close to the breast. A well-chosen soother can make the start easier for both the baby and their parent. 

When preparing for a baby's arrival, it's common to create a checklist of essentials, and a soother is often on that list. When selecting a soother, it's important to choose wisely and opt for tried-and-tested options. If the baby gets used to the first soother, it can be difficult to switch to a different one later on. The best soothers are those recommended by experts. According to research with doctors and neurologists, LOVI soothers are ranked number one. 

When a baby is unable to satisfy their need to suck while eating, a soother can be a great tool in helping them to calm down. The LOVI soother is a safe and tested option for both babies and parents. 

How to choose a soother? 

Choosing the right soother for your baby is an important decision. Not all soothers are suitable for all babies, and the soother you choose for a newborn will not be the best choice for an older baby. When looking for a soother for a newborn, it's important to look for one with a smaller shield. If you're unsure which one to choose, check the packaging for a "mini" designation or an age range that includes newborns. 

It's important to note that while soothers are designed to suit babies of different ages, not all babies are the same. When choosing a soother, and later when switching to a larger one, take your baby's individual needs into account. The age range on the packaging is a suggestion based on the average size of babies of a certain age.  

Observe your baby's reaction to the soother to check whether it is the right size for them. If your baby prefers to suck on a smaller soother than the one suggested on the packaging, it is fine to let them do so. If your baby is 6 months old and still uses 3+ soother it will not harm their oral development. 

Additionally, make sure that the soother is made of safe, BPA-free materials. 

Dynamic soother, what does it mean? 

A dynamic soother mimics the feel of a breast when the baby sucks, as the teat expands and contracts like a nipple. The dynamic teat is made of a non-homogeneous layer of silicone, designed to mimic the feel of a nipple. The dynamic teat is a feature of all LOVI soothers. 


Explore the latest designs of LOVI silicone soothers and find the perfect one for your little one. 

Which soother shape is the best? 

Soothers come in different shapes, including round, orthodontic, or symmetrical. Choosing the right soother shape is important as it can be difficult to change it once your baby is used to it. A symmetrical soother, slightly flattened on the sides, is a good choice for breastfed babies as it mimics the shape of a nipple and does not interfere with the baby's natural sucking reflex.  

The position of a symmetrical soother in the baby's mouth doesn't matter, and if you follow orthodontic and speech therapy recommendations, you may be sure that it won’t negatively impact your child’s oral development. 

Silicone or rubber soother? 

Choose silicone soothers as they are durable, last longer, and do not deform. They are also hypoallergenic, which is especially important if your baby can have allergies. Silicone soothers are also tasteless and odourless and do not absorb tastes or odours from the outside, unlike rubber soothers. 

The silicone teat is quite firm, which means that the baby has to put effort into sucking, and the sensation is similar to breastfeeding. This promotes the development of the muscles of the tongue and mouth, which are necessary for proper speech development. Rubber soothers are soft, they can work well initially for premature babies or babies with decreased muscle tone. 

If your baby has no sucking problems, and is healthy and developing normally, a silicone soother is the best option. 

LOVI soother, what makes it special? 

Discover the newest designs of LOVI silicone soothers!  

LOVI soothers are the number one among soothers, as confirmed by LOVI's research. The soothers, inspired by the shape of a nipple, do not interfere with a baby's natural sucking reflex and prevent the reflex of biting the soother. The LOVI soother does not disturb the correct development of speech and occlusion (on condition that orthodontic and speech therapy recommendations are followed). 

But that's not all, LOVI soothers also feature: 

  • Dynamic teat that expands and contracts according to the rhythm of the child's sucking; 

  • Silicone teat made of durable, high-quality, and delicate silicone; 

  • Adapted shield that allows the baby to breathe freely through the nose; 

  • Holes in the shield that allow air to flow freely and prevent irritation of the baby's delicate skin; 

  • Ring handle that makes it easier to hold and give the soother to your baby; 

  • Hygienic cover that protects the teat from getting dirty. 

If you're looking for a safe soother for your child, trust in LOVI. According to a survey, 90% of parents and midwives recommend the LOVI soother. Additionally, LOVI offers a variety of colours and designs to choose from, ensuring that you'll be able to find the perfect one for your little one. 


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