LOVI Self Sterilizing Bottle 250 ml

Catalog no: 21/570

LOVI Self Sterilizing Bottle 250 ml

Catalog no: 21/570


Top for sterilisation in microwave

Pour an appropriate amount of water into the top, insert all the components, cover the bottle and place in the microwave oven for 90 seconds.

Dynamic Feeding Teat®

Teat made of heterogeneous silicone layers: a thin tip and a hard base. Expands and shrinks with the child’s suckling rhythm, mobilises the jaw muscles to work actively. The child has to try to receive the milk from the teat. The hard base from thicker silicone enables stable, wide lip positioning on the teat. 

Profiled bottle shape

Enables proper bottle holding in a safe position.

Food container

You only have to replace the teat with the included sealing disk and the bottle becomes a container for storing food.

In Set:

  • bottle 250 ml
  • Dynamic Feeding Teat®
  • elastic sealing disk
  • feeding cup with scale
  • top for sterilisation in microwave
  • tongs
  • Microwave friendly Microwave friendly
  • Pouring boiling water Pouring boiling water
  • Sterilization with boiling water Sterilization with boiling water
  • Sterilizer Sterilizer

Product details:

  • Allows quick sterilisation in a microwave
  • Does not disturb the suckling reflex
  • Enables easy combination of breastfeeding and feeding from the bottle
  • Enables proper suckling-swallowing-breathing coordination
  • Provides proper mouth and tongue muscle work
  • Enables proper suckling rhythm

LOVI Self Sterilizing Bottle is safe for breastfed children, because it does not disturb the suckling reflex. Equipped with a specially designed top which allows the sterilisation of the bottle and its component in a microwave oven in just 90 seconds. Just pour an appropriate amount of water into the top, insert the cap and the soother with the handle attached, connect the bottle (by clicking it in) and insert into the microwave oven. After a moment the bottle is ready.

REMEMBER: LOVI brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthiest method for feeding. Alternative feeding methods should be used after consulting a doctor, midwife or pharmacist if breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient.


Expert review

Obstetrics Expert

It is of utmost importance that all recommendations on security and high quality of materials used for the production of the bottle and the teat, are observed. Additionally, the baby should be able to combine different modes of suction (breastfeeding and bottle-feeding), both in the case when it is fed additionally or mainly fed with the bottle with little breastfeeding.

Mom's reviews

I am especially fond of the fact that you can sterilise it. After cleaning, the bottle smells of milk, so I used to rinse the bottle and the soother with boiling water. Now I don't need to!
Isis, Mei's mother
Up until now I didn't know that bottle sterilisation can be that simple and that I don't need any accessories apart from a microwave oven. It made my life a bit more easier!
Catherine, Dorotea's mother
Well made, ideal shape, and the self-sterilising cup is convenient for every mum. A bit of water, a microwave oven and it's done. You don't have to scald it or boil it or buy a steriliser.
Sarai, Bellina's mother


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Father is bottle feeding his infant baby.