6 Benefits of Silicone Soothers and Silicone Bottle Teats  


Curious about choosing the appropriate soother and bottle teat? Explore the benefits of opting for silicone soothers and become acquainted with their distinct features and advantages.



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Silicone, a compound of silicon and oxygen, has integrated itself into various facets of our lives. Renowned for its high practicality and flexibility, silicone doesn't undergo chemical reactions with food. This attribute holds particular significance in the context of bottle teats.

Benefits of Using Silicone in Soothers and Bottle Teats

1. Silicone is Durable

Silicone is a long-lasting material. Soothers and bottle teats made from silicone are known for their extended durability, which means you won't need to replace them frequently. This durability and resistance to damage make silicone soothers and silicone bottle teats safe even for children who are teething. The risk of a child biting through silicone is low, reducing the chance of swallowing any plastic fragments.

2. Silicone is Hypoallergenic

Silicone is non-allergenic, making it an ideal choice for infants, whose susceptibility to allergies is still uncertain. A silicone bottle teat or silicone soother won't induce any allergic reactions, ensuring that even children with a tendency towards allergies can be comfortably fed and soothed using silicone products.

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3. Silicone is Hygienic

Silicone soothers and silicone bottle teats are effortlessly maintainable in terms of cleanliness. They can be boiled without any concerns about warping, colour alteration, or the formation of undesirable residue. Boiling does not affect the appearance, scent, or taste of silicone.

4. Silicone is Relatively Firm

Silicone is firmer than other materials commonly used in soother and teat manufacturing. While this might appear as a potential drawback, it's important to note that silicone can present challenges for premature babies or those with reduced muscle tone. Due to its firmness, using a silicone soother demands more effort from the infant, sometimes resulting in the child displaying resistance towards its use.

However, this apparent drawback of silicone eventually transforms into an advantage. The increased effort required for sucking has a positive impact on the development of the tongue and oral cavity muscles, which are crucial for later speech development. Notably, breastfeeding itself demands effort, and a silicone soother encourages the baby to undertake similar muscular exertion as experienced during natural feeding.

So, even if the baby initially struggles with a silicone soother or silicone bottle teat, it's worth offering them products made of this material after some time. It's also important to remember that such soothers and bottle teats are intentionally designed with non-uniform layers of silicone. This creates varying levels of firmness in different areas, making some parts firmer and others more pliable.

5. Silicone Retains Its Original Shape and Colour

If a child uses a distorted soother or bottle teat for an extended period, it could affect the development of their bite and oral cavity structure. With silicone soothers and teats, such a risk doesn't exist. Silicone is resistant to pressure and bending, and even when it flexes and changes shape during sucking, it returns to its original form afterwards. It also doesn't lose its shape due to temperature changes.

Silicone doesn't absorb the colour of food; it won't stain from tea or juice. It doesn't oxidise when exposed to water or air. It retains its original properties for a very long time.

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6. Silicone is Tasteless and Odourless

Silicone doesn't have its taste or smell, and it also doesn't absorb flavours or odours from the surroundings. There's no risk that anything will bother the child. It also doesn't affect the taste of the food served, which is also important. It's completely neutral.

If you're considering choosing a soother or bottle teat, opt for a silicone one. Silicone makes soothers and bottle teats durable, hypoallergenic, and safe. Silicone soothers and silicone bottle teats retain their shape for a long time, don't disrupt the child's habits, and don't compromise healthy development. Choose silicone, choose safety for your child.




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