Baby Shower Gift Ideas Any Mum-to-be Would Love 

Are you going to a baby shower? Check the best baby shower gift ideas and give a mum something she needs. 

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Baby shower, party for mum and baby 

A baby shower is a party for a mum-to-be and her baby. It is organised by the pregnant woman or her closest friends. The modern baby shower comes from the USA, but its origins can be traced back to the Egyptian and Greek civilizations. Nowadays, mums from many countries are throwing baby showers to celebrate the impending birth of their new babies. It is a fun event for a pregnant woman, and also a great way for friends and family to help her get everything she needs. During the party, mums not only relax but also have the opportunity to share their experiences and advice the mum-to-be on how the perfect baby layette should look like.  

If you are going to a baby shower for the first time and have no experience in the selection of gifts for a mother and her baby, check our list with the best baby shower gift ideas. 

Baby shower gift 

A baby shower is a party for the mum-to-be, but most of the gifts are for the baby. Before buying anything, remember to check what others are buying to avoid duplication. Check also with the mum or the event planner if there is a baby shower wish list. Some mums prepare their wish lists with many small baby shower gifts and others ask for one more expensive gift (for example, a car seat or a cot). If there is no specific wish list, choose tested items that every new mum needs. 

Nappy cake 

A nappy cake is a creative and handy baby shower gift. You can buy a nappy cake in a gift shop or do it yourself. Just buy nappies and some smaller items, such as rattlers and teethers. Roll up nappies, stack them, add smaller items and decorate with some ribbons or flowers. 


If you’re looking for something handy for a newborn, choose a set of LOVI mini soothers. They have a symmetrical silicone teat with a small, lightweight shield that adapts to the baby's tiny mouth. 

Breast pump  

A mother's breast milk shall be the basis of a newborn’s diet for about six months. Therefore, an electric breast pump is a perfect gift for a pregnant woman. It is a very useful tool for a mum. It can help not only to feed the baby but also to solve some lactation problems. 

Cot mobile 

A cot mobile is often a baby's first toy. Hang over a baby's sleep space, it’s not actually intended to lull the baby to sleep, but to keep them occupied and provide plenty of fun. An added advantage to a cot mobile can be a musical box, a mirror or some lights that will stimulate the baby's senses. Choose a mobile in contrasting colours. The first colours a newborn can distinguish are red and black. 

Educational mat 

An educational mat is a toy that sooner or later finds its way into every mum’s home. Interactive elements, eye-catching shapes and contrasting colours keep newborns and infants occupied and develop their senses. It's a great gift that for sure will be handy. 

Baby blanket 

A soft personalised blanket with embroidered baby’s name is a great baby shower gift and a perfect keepsake. It is useful both on walks and at home. On the Internet, you can find also baby photo blankets and baby photo mats. Thanks to the embroidered numbers, the mum can keep track of her little one growth month by month. The first year of a baby's life is a time of intense development. The changes captured in photos taken at equal intervals are a wonderful gift that will last forever.  

Cuddly toy 

A soft toy that can become the baby’s best friend is a great gift for a baby shower. You can choose a standard one, a humming cuddly toy or a toy with a projector that displays stars on the ceiling. Thanks to toys it will be easier to soothe the baby and lull them to sleep.  

Gift box  

If you don’t have much time, you can always choose a ready-made baby shower gift box. A set of must-haves for sure will please the mum. For example, you can choose the Botanic Newborn Starter Set in light blue or light pink. The set contains soothers, bottles in different sizes and a soother clip with ribbon. 

Gift voucher 

If you don't know mum's preferences or you know that she already gathered many items (e.g. she has older children), choose a gift voucher. This is a great solution that gives mum the chance to get what she needs. Nowadays, most shops offer gift cards and gift vouchers in different price ranges. 

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