Breastfeeding is an ideal that is instictively chosen by a newborn baby 


Breastfeeding is the ideal that the child instinctively chooses from the moment of birth. That is why, LOVI works to protect lactation and the natural suckling reflex.

In cooperation with prominent specialists in the field of lactation, neonatologists and speech and language therapists, LOVI brand creates innovative products, providing the necessary assistance to breastfeeding mothers, along with products for alternative feeding and soothing (bottles and teats for serving expressed milk, and soothers), safe for the child's suckling reflex.

LOVI protects what is the most precious for mother and baby:


  • Proffessional lactation protection
  • Protection of suckling reflex
  • Complex breastfeeding support
  • Learning the adult way of drinking
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LOVI shows the beauty of the moments we treasure after becoming parents. It presents instants because this is what our recollections are like: a sweet face, a look, a funny situation, everyday life without anxiety, full of happiness and tenderness. LOVI is full of emotions – without posing or pretending.

LOVI follows the trends and all our projects are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. Following Charles Ames mantra: "The details are not the details. They make the design".

LOVI is a perfect combination of four unique values:


  • Love
  • Authority
  • Human orientation
  • Identity
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Our advanced technologies are developed based on the requirements laid down by the specialists working closely with the LOVI brand. Selected LOVI products are subjected to testing during clinical trials. We carry them out in hospitals and specialist clinics in conjunction with medical practitioners, midwives and parents and involve large groups of infants.

Why is LOVI trusted by experts?

We are trusted by experts, trust us as well 

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