Accesories Useful During Breastfeeding

Besides your breasts filled with milk you may find useful, or even indispensable, additional accessories. Check what you will need at the beginning and during difficult breastfeeding moments.

Daily breast hygiene and care during breastfeeding

At the beginning of breastfeeding you may need a few cartons of absorbing lactation pads and lanolin cream for sore nipples. Pads with absorbing gel containing moisture within the pad are a proved solution.

When you have problems with oversensitive nipples, or they are flat or inverted, you can use special silicone breast shields for some time, after consulting a lactational advisor. While you are using them, check if the baby gains weight correctly.

You can find more about breast care in the article Breast Care During Lactation>>

How to make breastfeeding comfortable?

For breastfeeding to be comfortable both for the mum and the baby, a good solution is to get a few comfortable pillows or a special nursing pillow. They will provide proper support for your back, shoulders and the baby's body. The comfortable position on the pillows will reduce a risk of incorrect latching on to the breast or of pulling at the nipple.

Comfortable breastfeeding positions are presented in the article Breastfeeding Positions >>

Problems with lactation or a need for frequent milk extraction 

In situations when the mum has to extract milk regularly (e.g., to supplement newborn's feeding or during a longer separation from her baby), an electric breast pump is an effective solution. When selecting a breast pump you should check if it mimics a natural, two-phase suckling pattern typical for a baby. Deffinately take a look at our LOVI Prolactis Two-phase Electric Breast Pump

The electronic breast pump is also a good solution to some problems with lactation, such as milk stasis or milk deficiency.

Manual breast pump - support in milk extraction

Every mum needs an occasional time for herself. Then the extracted milk can be given by the father or other person looking after the baby.

manual breast pump is an ideal solution for irregular extraction. It is less expensive than an electronic one, but usually requires more time to get the required amount of milk. 

Other useful tips for breastfeeding:

Nursing tea

It will be useful during temporary milk deficiencies. We recommend sugar-free herbal teas, such as fix teas from the Polish manufacturer, Herbapol.

Cotton bra with opened flaps

This is a must-have for a nursing mum. We recommend 100% cotton bras, which are breathable and ensure maximum hygiene. At the beginning, a comfortable bra without underwire is the best solution, as it will not press on milk ducts causing milk stasis.

Mineral water

During breastfeeding you need to supply fluids to your body (about 2 liters a day).  Still mineral water is the best for you. You should always have it at hand while you are breastfeeding your baby, as you will often feel thirsty.

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