Low Milk Supply

Many mums worry whether their breasts produce enough milk. The doubts usually occur when a child often cries, demands breast more frequently than usual, breasts become soft and you do not need breast pads anymore. However, these factors do not indicate low milk supply.

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Crying does not necessarily mean that your child needs more food - if he gains weight properly, there is another reason for crying. Increased milk demand occurs during developmental leaps - about 3, 6 and 12 week and 3 and 6 month of age. Then the baby may want to suckle all the time, and thanks to it milk production increases within 2-3 days in accordance with growing needs of the little one. Actual low milk supply can be suspected if baby's weight gain is insufficient, if he uses less than 6 diapers a day in the first month of life, and when he is constantly anxious. If this is the case you should consult a lactation specialist who will be able to determine the cause of inadequate milk supply and recommend appropriate action.

5 reasons for low milk supply 

  • Lactation has not been properly activated during early breastfeeding due to mother's or child's health problems

  • Let down reflex was disturbed by stress, fatigue, pain, emotional problems

  • Reduced fluid and food supply, anemia

  • Long intervals between feedings - too rare and weak stimulation of milk production

  • Feeding a baby with formula without consulting your doctor - it reduces the number of breastfeeding sessions and limits lactation

Low milk supply - how to avoid it?

  • Feed frequently. Do not give up night feedings.

  • Ask your family for help with daily chores. Try to rest a lot, especially in the first month after birth.

  • Do not feed the child who gains weight properly with infant formula..

  • Express milk with an electric breast pump between feedings. Effective expressing of large amounts of milk will increase its production.

  • Make sure to drink 2 liters of fluid a day and keep a healthy diet (frequent meals rich in vitamins, protein, calcium and other nutrients).

  • Drink nursing tea for breastfeeding women.

  • You can stimulate lactation by frequently expressing milk between feedings.

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