Breast Care During Lactation

Although many mums worry about it, breastfeeding does not make breasts unattractive. Just take care of them properly choosing the appropriate underwear, cosmetics and products for lactation hygiene.

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Here are some tips on how to take care of the breasts during breastfeeding:

Breast care cream during breastfeeding

Use a nourishing, breast care cream during pregnancy and after childbirth.  Avoid the nipple and areola - there is something else in store for it. 

Nipple care tips

Put a few drops of your own milk on sore nipples, it has soothing and antibacterial properties. You can also apply some lanolin containing ointment. The best ointments are those that need not be washed out before feeding. However, if you see that your child can not latch on, wash the nipple with warm water.

How to choose a bra while breastfeeding?

Choose one that is comfortable and offers proper breast support. Wear it during the day and at night. The best bra should be cotton, breathable and not pressing your breasts, especially during sleep. It should come with flapped cups, into which you can easily slip breast pads. If you are using wired bras, remember that the wires must be broad enough to encompass the breast, rather than constrict it, as this can cause milk stasis and lead to breast inflammation.

Breast pads - how to choose the right ones

Protect your bra against soiling by milk expressed between feeding sessions. They should be thin and absorptive. Choose the pads that have an adhesive strip preventing their movements inside the bra. Replace the pads often, every 2-3 hours and if you feel that they are wet, otherwise they can cause nipple irritation.

Clothes useful during breastfeeding

Allow convenient feeding the child in all circumstances. Special breastfeeding blouses, such as Happy Mum (see the photo) are a very good idea. You can also wear a comfortable strap top under a non-buttoned blouse - you will not have to expose your belly while feeding and you will not feel cold. At night you may want to have an extra buttoned nightgown in case the one you wear gets soiled with milk.

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