Burping After Feeding

During feeding the baby sometimes swallows air that accumulates in the digestive tract and can cause colic, bloating and posseting. Therefore, after each feeding you should encourage your child to burp. We show 3 burping positions.

Consultation: Danuta Chrzanowska-Liszewska MD, neonatologist; Aleksandra Łada, NDT SLT Senior Tutor; Agata Serwatowska-Bargieł Ph.D., International certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), neonatologist


Data publikacji: 23-03-2018 Data modyfikacji: 01-08-2019

Laying your baby in the following positions will help you encourage burping:

On the shoulder

Place the baby so that his head is on your shoulder, his hands on your back and legs are slightly bent. Put one hand on the little back and head, and support the baby's bottom with the other. Make sure his head and trunk are not bent backwards. You can gently massage the infant's back. In this position baby's chest is slightly pressed, allowing him to release the accumulated air.

Sitting on the lap

Sit on a chair. Place the baby's bottom on one thigh and his chest and armpits on the other, raised up so that the little one's body is placed at an angle exceeding 45 degrees in relation to the floor. Hold the baby's hands and chin in one hand, and use the other to gently rub his back.

Half lying

The child's back is leaned against your belly and he is in half-lying position at 45 degrees in relation to the ground. His head rests on your forearm, and the bottom on your thigh. This position is recommended for children in whom posseting is frequent. Use it only after the baby is 3 month old.

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