Breastfeeding Positions

At the beginning of the milky way, you fed often and long. Therefore, it is necessary to settle down in a comfortable position for feeding. Analyse the 5 positions recommended by lactation consultants and select the most comfortable for yourself.

At the beginning of breastfeeding adventure many mums are faced with various difficulties, which often turn out easy to overcome. One of the most important things is the comfort of feeding. 

For feeding to be convenient both for the mother and the child, the 5 positions recommended by lactation consultants should be used. Try each of them and select the most convenient for yourself:


Sit comfortably and lean back against the back of a sofa or a chair. You can also use a pillow to support your back. Place the baby in the crook of your elbow on the side of the suckled breast, and hold him "tummy to tummy". Keep your baby's ear, shoulder, and hip in alignment. Support the baby's back with your forearm and his bottom with your hand. You can use a stool to rest your feet on and put your hand on pillows or an armrest.

Recommended: in all situations, even outside, when you can not feed while laying.


This is similar to the cradle hold. It only differs in mum's hand position. The baby is held by the hand opposite to the breast from which you are feeding. If you feed from the right breast, keep the baby's head with your left hand. You can rest your right hand on the pillow or hold the breast from which you are feeding. 

If you are feeding in this position hold the baby high enough, (almost) on the breast level, so that he is not supported with your hand only. You can use special pillows for feeding (pictured pillow "Playpen" Motherhood) or a normal pillow or a folded blanket.

Recommended: at the beginning, while learning how to breastfeed. In this position it is easy to guide your baby to the breast and stabilize his head. It is especially recommended for premature infants and children with low muscle tone.


Place the child on a pillow, with his face in front of your breast, and hold the rest of his body up to your side so that the little legs are under your armpit. Hold baby's head with your hand and stabilize his trunk with your forearm. Keep the head and shoulders in alignment.

Recommended: after C-section (the child does not touch mum's belly), during high milk supply or stasis (facilitates emptying the side part of the breast) and for women with large breasts or sore nipples. This position is ideal for simultaneous feeding of twins.


Position yourself on your side, leaning the back, shoulders and head on the pillows. You can put a pillow between your knees for more comfort. Place the baby in front of you with his face opposite your breast and huddled tummy to tummy. At the beginning, when the baby is small, put him on your forearm with his head in the crook of the elbow or on a pillow. When the baby is older, place him flat on a sofa. His legs should be slightly bent.

Recommended: right after childbirth (following episiotomy and cesarean section). Recommended for night feeding, especially when you take your little one to your bed and during the day when you want to relax.


Lie on your back and support your head with pillows. Bend your knees slightly. Put your baby along or across your belly and hold his bottom with your hand. The baby's head should be over your breast.

Recommended: when the let down is too rapid, the baby can not keep up with swallowing and is choking. In this position milk let down is slower, because it must overcome gravity. This position is also valued by women after C-section as the baby lying across the belly has no contact with the postoperative wound.

Prepare the feeding place

The best places for feeding are a bed, a sofa or an easy chair.

Make sure you have some water, healthy snacks, tissues, a watch and a phone. You can have something to read when the breastfeeding sessions are long and the baby gets asleep while suckling.

  You may need a few pillows to position yourself comfortably and support the baby, and a small stool to rest your feet on.

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