LOVI Soother Container Beige

Two practical handles

Enables attachment to pram or car seat and also to belt or trousers.

Comfortable container

Protects soother against dirt. Made from safe and easy to clean material.

Catalog no: 13/111_bei
  • Pouring boiling water Pouring boiling water
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher Do not wash in the dishwasher
  • Not for sterilization with boiling water Not for sterilization with boiling water
  • Not for use in the sterilizer Not for use in the sterilizer

Product details:

LOVI Soother Container allows you to conveniently and hygienically store a soother on a walk or when travelling. Prevents a soother from staining and getting lost.

Expert review

MD Clinical Neurologopedist

Using a soother requires hygiene and protection. You should use a soother when the baby wants to suck on the thumb. Soother should be given to the baby for no longer than 2 hours a day. Regular cleaning and scalding required. Do not hang the soother around baby's neck to eliminate the risk of smothering. Using a special soother holder or a container for soothers is recommended.

Mom's reviews

I attached the container to the pram’s handle and now I have a clean teat at my disposal at all times. At last our problems with looking for the teat has ended. The container is solid.
Stephanie, Gaby's mother
The container can be easily attached to a bag, pram or any other place. The teat can be taken out with one hand when it is necessary. The container’s oval shape makes it easy to clean.
Elianna, Marsiella's mother
When placed in a bag, the soother will never get lost. I can be sure that it is always clean. The latch fits with the pram perfectly, making it ideal for walks.
Joselyn, Gweneth's mother


Babys hand holding a lovi dynamic soother
A baby boy is sitting in a car seat with a soother and a soother holder
Mother huging her small baby
Two LOVI Soother lying on kitchen worktop.