LOVI miniSOOTHER 0-2m 2 pcs Buddy Bear

Catalog no: 22/862

LOVI miniSOOTHER 0-2m 2 pcs Buddy Bear

Catalog no: 22/862

Buddy Bear


Dynamic nipple

Made of non-homogeneous silicone layer, which enables shrinking and expanding with the baby’s suckling motions; symmetrical shape of the teat is based on the nipple’s structure.

Extra light

Smaller shield means lighter product, better for newborns.

Small, light shield

Adapted to a newborn’s mouth. Contoured shape enables the child to breathe through the nose all the time. Safe materials without bisphenol A.

Holes in the shield

Enable free flow of air and prevent the baby skin from irritating.

Comfortable hand

Facilitates grabbing and giving the soother to the child. In versions with white ring, it glows in the dark which makes it easy to find.

Hygienic cover

Prevents the teat from staining.

In Set:

  • LOVI Dynamic Soother® (2 pcs)
  • hygienic cover (2 pcs)
  • capsule for hygienic teat storage
  • Pouring boiling water Pouring boiling water
  • Sterilizer Sterilizer
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher Do not wash in the dishwasher
  • Not for use in the microwave Not for use in the microwave

Product details:

  • Super light
  • Small shields adapted to newborns’ lips
  • Does not disturb the suckling reflex
  • Prevents the teat chewing reflex
  • Enables free breathing and swallowing of saliva
  • Does not disturb the natural development of speech and occlusion*

LOVI Silicone Dynamic MiniSOOTHER® was designed especially for newborns by doctors and neurological speech therapists. It’s shield is smaller and thinner than in case of other LOVI soothers.

*) provided that the orthodontic and logopedic recommendations are followed



Expert review

MD Clinical Neurologopedist

Suckling is of key importance to the child’s growth since being born. It regulates hunger, the amount of food, as well as soothes emotions and provides a feeling of safety. A soother can help with a strong desire to suck. Selecting a proper soother is an important issue. Its shape and design have to enable breathing and swallowing of saliva. It cannot disturb the suckling reflex. You should choose a soother with a symmetrical shape and dynamic construction that fits the natural suction rhythm.

Mom's reviews

Perfectly adapted to small mouths, easy to suck from. Its handle can be seen in the dark, so inexperienced parents can find the soother in bed. Plus, they have a beautiful design.
Saige, Boycey's mother
Perfect for newborns and prematurely born babies, who often can “choke” on standard soothers. It is carefully manufactured with a proper air outflow system - that makes it really safe.
Melanie, Chrissy's mother
The child liked the teat right from the start and the small shield does not cover the whole face. The teat, like every LOVI teat, has a great shape and does not disturb the suckling reflex.
Tanya, Damien's mother