NEW – revolutionary LOVI Expert 3D Pro breast pump

LOVI Expert 3D Pro breast pump with unique 3D funnel technology is an expert in solving lactiation problems. Thanks to it, mums can breastfeed their babies despite difficulties they have to deal with. And give them what is the best.

Nipple pain, breast fullness, milk stasis, breastfeeding problems after C-section…Are these the lactation difficulties you are concerned about? Thanks to innovative LOVI Expert 3D Pro with 3D funnel technology, which is unique on the market, you can enjoy charms of motherhood and leave your problems to an expert!

Revolutionary 3D funnel – closest to nature.

3D funnel is a revolutionary solution! Unlike conventional funnels, it not only suckles but also presses the nipple. Funnel surrounds and evenly presses the nipple, working in multiple dimensions at the same time, just like a baby’s mouth and tongue do. The even and gentle pressure stimulates prolactin’s secretion, the hormone responsible for milk production, causing milk to flow out quickly and naturally without discomfort.

A breast pump designed for mums after C-section.

Expert 3D Pro quickly stimulates milk production after C-section. Thanks to 3D funnel system, it presses the nipples, almost in the same way as a baby does and stimulates release of prolactin, a hormone responsible for the production of milk. In addition, it provides pumping in a semi-reclined position, comfortable after C-section, thanks to the special design of the funnel, which prevents backflow of expressed milk

Expert in solving lactation problems.

Expert 3D pro breast pump is the perfect device that adapts to the needs of modern mothers. It is extremely effective thanks to dedicated openwork funnel holder which allows to control the pressure on the nipple. It effectively expresses mum’s milk and at the same time minimizes the risk of milk stasis by pressing the nipple in such a way that it prevents its blockage.

By preventing breast fullness or milk stasis, it reduces the risk of mastitis.

Expert 3D Pro breast pump – suited to the mothers’ needs.

  • Extremely quiet - allows for discreet pumping in all conditions, also when the baby is asleep or at night. The quietest of the LOVI breast pumps
  • Two – phase system -  possibility of expressing milk in two phases

I stimulation phase -  imitates the baby’s quick movements to stimulate milk flow

II pumping phase -  deep pumping reflects efficient milk intake


  • It has ability to adjust level of power to mum’s needs – it has 9 power levels in stimulation phase and 9 in the pumping phase. Total 18 levels!
  • It has built-in rechargeable battery

Can be also charged via USB