LOVI Two-phase Electric Breast Pump Expert 3D Pro

Catalog no: 50/070

LOVI Two-phase Electric Breast Pump Expert 3D Pro

Catalog no: 50/070

Revolutionary 3D funnel – closest to nature

3D funnel not only suckles, but also presses the nipple, working just like a baby and causing the milk to flow out naturally

Extremely effective

Thanks to dedicated 3D openwork funnel holder, which allows to control the pressure on the nipple, this affects the effectiveness in lactation problems and stimulates lactation after C-section

Comfortable pumping

In semi–reclined position, comfortable after C-section, thanks to the special design of the funnel, which prevents backflow of expressed milk

Extremely quiet

Allows for discreet pumping in all conditions, also when the baby is asleep or at night

The quietest of the LOVI breast pumps

Two – phase

Expresses milk in two phases

•stimilation imitates the baby’s quick movements to stimulate milk flow
•deep pumping reflects efficient milk intake

Adjusting level of power to mother’s needs

9 power levels in stimulation phase

9 in the pumping phase

Total 18 levels

Easy to wash

Small number of parts


Built-in rechargeable battery provides 3 pumping sessions on a single charge and can be also charged via USB e.g from powerbank


Convenient storing and carrying 

Dynamic Feeding Teat®

Possibility of feeding without disturbing the child’s suckling reflex

In Set:

  • Breast pump body
  • Silicone 3D funnel (2 pcs)
  • 3D funnel holder
  • LOVI Medical+ Bottle 150 ml
  • LOVI Dynamic miniSoother 0m+
  • Sealing disk, screw ring and feeding cup
  • Adapter
  • Bottle stand
  • Plug
  • USB cable
  • Tube
  • LOVI Discreet Elegance Breast Pads (samples)
  • Breast pump bag/backpack

Product details:

  • revolutionary 3D funnel – closest to nature
  • unique LOVI 3D technology
  • extremely effective
  • comfortable pumping
  • quickly stimulates milk production after C-section
  • counters the breast fullness or minimizes their symptoms
  • minimizes the risk of milk stasis
  • significantly reduces the risk of mastitis

Expert  in solving lactation problems

Your solution for:

- nipple pain

- breast fullness

- milk stasis

- mastitis

Quickly stimulates milk production after C-section

Perfect for mothers who try to prepare for motherhood as best as possible. However, there are situations that can’t be foreseen, such as whether she will give birth naturally or by C-section, whether she will be able to breastfeedig at the beginning or will there be feeding problems


LOVI Expert 3D Pro – extremely effective during difficult times


LOVI Expert 3D Pro breast pump has revolutionary  3D funnel which is closest to nature.

Unlike classic systems, not only suckles but also presses the nipple.

3D funnel surrounds and evenly presses the nipple, working in multiple dimensions at the same time, just like a baby’s mouth and tongue do.


The even and gentle pressure stimulates prolactin’s secretion, the hormone responsible for milk production, causing milk to flow out quickly and naturally, without discomfort.


Mom's reviews

Previously I used many breast pumps and none worked properly, but LOVI Expert expressed a large amount of milk in just 10 minutes.
Xiomara, Allister's mother
This breast pump can be used without connecting it to the mains, because it can be charged. The charged device can work for a pretty long time.
Kaylen, Isador's mother
LOVI Expert Breast Pump helped me facilitate lactation and saved my breasts from inflammation which was drawing near.
Lucy, Eberto's mother