Results of respondent trial of LOVI Bottle under medical suprevision

Respondent trial of LOVI Bottle with Dynamic Teat® under medical supervision

An out-patient sample survey of LOVI bottle with Dynamic Teat® conducted under clinical conditions in 2007, using a specialized questionnaire among doctors, nurses and midwives and 607 parents of infants aged 0-12 months (in Polish hospitals and paediatric clinics) confirmed the unique features of the natural process of suckling resembling breastfeeding:

  • keeping the natural rhythm of suckling (as at the breast)
  • proper coordination of suckling - swallowing - breathing (as at the breast)
  • active work of the muscles of the lips and tongue (as at the breast)
  • suckling efficiency (as at the breast)



of doctors did not notice any difficulties in combining breastfeeding with LOVI Bottle feeding


of doctors confirmed the natural rhythm of suckling (as during breastfeeding) during the use of LOVI Bottle.


of responders rated the LOVI Bottle as good, very good or excellent, 62% of which gave the "excellent" rating.


of parents and midwives find LOVI Bottle a product friendly for babies 

Expert review

Medical professionals at Ujastek hospital consider the LOVI manual breast pump a product that adequately meets the expectations related to expressing milk and maintaining lactation in women not reporting major problems with lactation.