LOVI Spout for My Non-spill Cup

Non-spill system

Enables drinking without spilling

Soft silicone

Spout is made from high quality, soft silicone, which is safe for children. Its form helps toddlers drink independently.


Length of the spout was designed in cooperation with speech and language therapists.

Catalog no: 59/870

In Set:

  • non-spill spout 9m+, 1pc

Product details:

LOVI Spout for My non-spill Cup is made of high quality, soft silicon, which is safe for children. Its helps toddlers drink independently.

  • Enables drinking without spilling

  • Does not irritate the child’s delicate gums

  • The lenght of the spout reduces risk of caries

Expert review

MD Clinical Neurologopedist

Before the learning session remember to show the fluid in the cup to the child and moisten the edge (or the mouthpiece) of the cup. This way the baby will be able to suck the fluid better – it will know that the cup is for drinking, and not for biting and playing. During drinking lessons, before the child knows how to appropriately extract the fluid, it should be sitting to avoid choking. Never leave the child alone with the cup in its hands.

Mom's reviews

Apart from looking really nice, the cup is very durable. It fell dozens of times from a tall chair to the floor and is still intact. Cleaning it is easy, so there’s no risk of mould.
Rayna, Hanan's mother
The cup has a great shape and handles. My son loves it. It fits other tops, for example with a standard teat, which is very useful when changing the bottle to a cup.
Kaleigh, Edd's mother
It's important that the cups look so nice and are made from durable materials. Our cup fell to the floor countless times and it's still intact, the handles are fine, nothing broke.
Payton, Rufe's mother