LOVI Bottle Warmer White

4 functions in 1 device

Heating up the food, Keeping the temperature of the meal, Defrosting and Scalding


heats the food in 2 minutes (80ml of milk/water with starting temperature 21°C)


Thanks to three operation modes and electric legible dispaly 


Automaticcaly turn off in the event of water absence (in the HOT mode)


With an option of shortening and hidig the cord


Most bottles and jars fit the warmer

Catalog no: 77/051_whi

In Set:

  • bottle warmer

  • measuring cup

  • * bottle not included in set

Product details:

NEW! LOVI Bottle Warmer allows fast and intuitive baby food preparation, keeping the optimal temperature. 

The device operates in three modes: Bottle, Hot and Dinner.



  • BOTTLE mode keeps chosen temperature of water or milk up to 10 hours. It also enables gradual defrosting of food stored in bag.

  • HOT mode enables fast and even food heating and also steam disinfection of bottles and bottle accessories

  • DINNER mode keeps the temperature of food up to 3 hours.


Young father is feeding his baby with a LOVI bottle.
Family scene in the kitchen.
Parent is using a LOVI heater
A young brunette is using a LOVI bottle warmer.