LOVI 360 Cup Gasket 2 pcs


Fits all 360° cup sizes

Made of silicone

Silicone material ensures safety of the product

Catalog no: 1/618

In Set:

  • 2 seals

Product details:

LOVI Gasket fits all 360° cups: mini, junior and active. Enables glass-like drinking without major spillage. 

Expert review

MD Clinical Neurologopedist

Before the learning session remember to show the fluid in the cup to the child and moisten the edge (or the mouthpiece) of the cup. This way the baby will be able to suck the fluid better – it will know that the cup is for drinking, and not for biting and playing. During drinking lessons, before the child knows how to appropriately extract the fluid, it should be sitting to avoid choking. Never leave the child alone with the cup in its hands.

Mom's reviews

The seal enables drinking like from a real glass without spilling. It simplifies the transfer from sucking liquid from a training cup and a non-spill cup to a glass.
Maia, Jaime's mother
The 360° cup is a great idea, works like a charm. It's our sons favourite cup. The cup is innovative, beautiful, functional, easy to use and clean, light and steady at the same time.
Saniya, Horatio's mother
The bottle is a thing of the past now. This was easy thanks to a 360° cup. My daughter likes to shake it, so it's a great plus that nothing is getting spilled.
Antonia's mother


A four-year-old-boy is sitting on a kitchen worktop with his legs in the sink.
Young father is feeding his baby girl.
Girl about a 4 years old, drinking from a LOVI 360 Cup.