Physiologically Painful Nipples

This condition is characteristic for first days after the birth. In that period, many young mums feel pain when the baby is latched on the breast.


This is a natural hypersensitiveness of nipples caused by hormonal changes. It can be very acute in some mothers, while in others it causes just a slight discomfort.

What you can do

This painful nipple sensitiveness should pass after a few days, when the breasts get used to the contact with the suckling baby. However, when pain accompanying each feeding persists, and the nipples are not only painful, but also raw, probably you will need to correct the way in which the baby grasps and sucks the breast. Correct breastfeeding should not hurt. Consult a lactation consultant or advisor, or, when it is not possible, ask a midwife or a pediatrician for help. The baby must learn a correct way of grasping and suckling of the breast, otherwise, he will not stimulate lactation, and the nipples will continue to hurt.

Is breastfeeding still possible?

Of course, it is. Problems occurring in the first days of breastfeeding pass away quickly, and the satisfaction that you have not given up and feed your baby in the best way possible with the healthiest milk remains with you.