LOVI Set Protecting Suckling Reflex with Buddy Bear Soother

If you are a breastfeeding mom, who sometimes needs to feed her baby with expressed milk, than LOVI Set Protecting Suckling Reflex is the choice for you! Now you can find it togheter with LOVI Dynamic Soother from the popular Buddy Bear Collection.LOVI Set Protecting Suckling Reflex is:

  • LOVI Medical+ Bottle for feeding with expressed mothers milk. Safe for breastfed babies, thanks to the fact that it does not impede the suckling reflex. Equipped with professional dynamic soother.
  • LOVI Dynamic Feeding Teat - an effect of cooperation with speech and language therapists. Designed in a uniqe technology of heterogeneous layers of silicone. The teat has a soft tip, that expands and contracts according to the babies suckling rythm, enabling active training of the speech apparatus muscles, and a firm, wide base, which allows stable, wide positioning of lips - similar to when suckling on mothers breasts. Thanks to that, the feeding teat does not impede the suckling reflex which makes it safe for breastfeeding. 
  • LOVI Dynamic Soother does not impede the suckling reflex, speech development and occlusion. Its symmetric shape was inspired by breast nipple. It has a unique dynamic structure with heterogeneous layers of silicone that allows sucking in an individual rhythm. Profiled shield of the soother allows baby to breathe freely through the nose, and the holes in the shield allow free air flow and prevent irritation of its sensitive skin.

In set:

  • LOVI Medical+ Bottle 150 ml or 250 ml
  • LOVI Feeding Teat 0+ or 3+
  • LOVI Dynamic Soother 0-3m or 3-6m
  • Screw Cap
  • Cup for watering with scale
  • Sealing disc

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