​Floral motifs, delicate patterns and subdued colors can be found in our new collection of soothers - Blossom ​



Blossom soothers are available in two color lines and in various sizes adapted to the child's age: 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-18m and for older children 18m+, soothers s with a reinforced nipple that is more resistant to biting. ​

Blossom soothers are safe for the suckling reflex and protect the suckling function thankt to the dynamic nipple that expands and contracts according to the baby’s suckling rhythm*.​

Additionally LOVI soothers:​

  • are safe for breastfeeding – symmetrical shape of teat is based on the shape of a nipple filled with milk, which provides baby with a familiar feeling similar to that of the breast. ​

  • does not interfere with the proper development of speech and bite, provided that orthodontic and neurological recommendations are followed - soother’s nipple is flattened and the neck is so thin that it allows the child to close mouth freely and work its gums properly while sucking, and to provide enough space in the mouth for the tongue to work, which reduces the risk of malocclusion and speech defects​

  • prevents the reflex of biting soother​

  • ensures free breathing and swallowing of saliva ​

  • it is very light, so it does not burden the child's bite ​

  • silicone nipple does not deform in the mouth ​

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*A product usability study conducted under clinical conditions on a group of 150 infants aged 0-18 months in specialised, regional paediatric and neurological clinics in Poland, operationg under the National Health Fund, in Katowice, Rzeszów and Bydgoszcz, involving midwives and parents, in 2010.