NEW in LOVI’s offer- soothers 18m+ in Stardust collection

Meet the reinforced, resistant to biting soothers, in expressive Stardust collection, designed for older children.

Dynamic Soothers Stardust 18m+ do not disturb the suckling reflex and the natural development of speech and bite patterns, have been designed with the safety of your child in mind.


The most important benefits:

-The silicone nipple of the soother is strengthened, making  it resistant to biting
-Dynamic nipple made of non-homogeneous silicone layer, which enables shrinking and expanding with the baby’s suckling motions
-Contoured shield which enables the child to breathe easily through the nose


The unique, stellar Stardust collection with extraordinary colors and patterns.

From now on, Stardust soothers are also available in 18m+ age indication.