New Buddy Bear Collection

Meet you child's new best friend - Buddy Bear! Now you can find new LOVI Collection available in stores.

If you are looking for baby accessories in unique, unisex design which is perfect for girls as well as for boys you are in the right place! We released new Buddy Bear Collection. It contains of our most beloved accessories:

  • Dynamic Soothers and MINIsoothers are your baby's new friends. Designed with the help of neurologopedists. With unique nipple design: heterogenous silicone and symmetrical shape inspired by the mother's nipple. It does not disturb the suckling reflex and natural development of speech and bite patterns. MINIsoother has smaller and lighter shield, perfect for the littlest babies.
  • 360° Cups which is the next step in teaching the baby to drink, after a training cup and non-spill cups. It teaches how to drink from a cup without spilling. Thanks to its innovative sealing system allows the baby to suck fluid from any area around the edge.
  • My Non-Spill Cup will become your child's companion during walks and travels. It comes with a soft silicone spout designed to support and encourage the baby to drink on its own. Have your baby think of it "It's my cup!"

Look for new Buddy Bear collection is stores!