Bleeding Nipples

Bleeding from nipples signals that something is wrong. Usually, it means the nipples are cracked or sore and bleeding. However, sometimes blood flows out from your breasts during feeding, although there is no surface wound, and when you breastfeed, you do not feel any pain.


  • Blood-stained secretion visible during breastfeeding and not coming from raw nipples may appear in the first week of breastfeeding and is related to increased blood flow to the breasts. This condition should stabilize within a few days.

  • Blood visible in milk (when nipples are not raw) may come from broken capillary vessels in the breast. A cause of this condition must be established. Maybe the breast pump is responsible, or something in your diet? You should consult your doctor.

  • Bleeding from cracked nipples often results from incorrect breast grasping and suckling by the baby.

  • The cracked and bleeding skin on the nipple and the areola may result from fungal infection.

  • The dry and cracking skin resulting in bleeding may be caused by an allergy to cosmetics (soap, cream, perfume), to washing agents in which you wash your bra, to textiles of which your clothes or bra pads are made.   

What you can do

  • Amend the technique for latching the baby on and his suckling.

  • Correct your position during breastfeeding.

  • If fungal infection is the cause, treat it.

  • Wash clothes in hypoallergenic agents and use cosmetics for skin with allergies. Wear clothes of natural fibers. Use only breathable nursing bra pads.

  • Use a breast pump with caution.

  • If problems with the bleeding nipples persist, you should consult your doctor.

  • To treat the bleeding nipples, use the tips in the chapter; What to do with painful, sore, cracked or bleeding nipples.  

Is breastfeeding still possible?

Bleeding nipples do not prevent breastfeeding, as the small amount of blood the baby eats with your milk will not harm him. However, a significant obstacle to continue with breastfeeding is pain in the bleeding nipples. Therefore, you should fix the situation as soon as possible.