LOVI First cup with weighted straw 150ml Jungle Vibes​

Catalog no: 35/366

LOVI First cup with weighted straw 150ml Jungle Vibes​

Catalog no: 35/366
Jungle Vibes
First cup

faclitates the first attempts to drink from a straw

Delicate, silicone straw

does not irritate the palate thanks to the right diameter and length

Weighted straw

allows a child to drink freely from different angles

Non-spill cup

water does not run out and baby stays clean and dry

Light and handy

responds to the little strength and thirst of the child at the beginning of learning how to drink

Profiled handles

perfectly adjusted to tiny child’s hands

Safe size of the weight

suitable for a child, in accordance with the standards

Easy to clean

all parts can be easily disassembled and washed

LOVI way of independence drinking

after first cup with weighted straw , the next step in learning to drink can be the non-spill cup 6m+ 

Spare parts availability

spout/ weighted straw, easy to replace – available as a spare part

In Set:

  • Cup container with scale

  • Straw 6m+

  • Handles

  • Screw cap

  • BPA free BPA free
Product details:
  • Delicate, flexible straw

  • Weighted straw

  • A safe- sized of a weight

  • Non-spill straw

  • Profiled handles

  • Light and handy

  • Easy to clean

LOVI First cup with weighted straw is a cup for the youngest children (6m+) who make their first attempts to drink from a straw.  A delicate, flexible straw of a right diameter and length does not irritate the palate and is easy to grab by a child. A safe-sized weigthed straw follows the drink and allows to drink freely from any angle. The small size of the cup (150 ml) and the removable cap that allows drinking from all sides make it an ideal cup for children who learn to drink from a straw.