LOVI Training Spout 6m+

Soft and delicate

Does not irritate child’s delicate gums. Intended for children 6m+.

Catalog no: 18/727

In Set:

  • training spout, 1 pc

Product details:

LOVI Training Spout is soft and delicate. Fits all LOVI Training Cups and Medical+ Bottles.

Expert review

MD Clinical Neurologopedist

Before you start training, show the child the liquid in a cup and then moisten the cup rim or spout. This way we make it easy for the baby to suckle the fluid - he will know that a cup is for drinking, and not for chewing or playing. While learning how to drink and before mastering this skill the child should be maintained in a sitting position to prevent choking. Never leave the little one alone with a cup in his hand.

Mom's reviews

The mouthpiece is soft, so it does not hurt the child gums when they are irritated by teething. The hole is of appropriate size, enabling the child to rhythmically drink and not choke. 
Aaliyah, Debi's mother
The soft mouthpiece simplifies drinking. It’s a great solution for those mums who want to make a shift from feeding children from a bottle with a teat to a cup.
Lilly, Lizbeth's mother