LOVI Training Cup 150 ml Retro Baby Mint

Soft spout

Facilitates easy fluid flow.

Contoured handles

Enables holding the cup in small hands.

Feeding cup

Perfect for mousses, medicine and learning how to drink from an open cup. Has a scale and a profiled edge.


Enables controlling the fluid outflow.

Catalog no: 35/301

In Set:

  • white soft training spout 6m+

  • handles

  • feeding cup

  • Not for use in the sterilizer Not for use in the sterilizer

Product details:

LOVI Training Cup is the first step in learning how to drink when the child is 6 months old. Facilitates the shift from being breast- or bottle- fed to drinking from a cup. Equipped with a soft, delicate spout and a scale.

  • Does not irritate the gums

  • Facilitates easy fluid flow

  • Adapted to small children hands

Expert review

MD Clinical Neurologopedist

Before the learning session remember to show the fluid in the cup to the child and moisten the edge (or the mouthpiece) of the cup. This way the baby will be able to suck the fluid better – it will know that the cup is for drinking, and not for biting and playing. During drinking lessons, before the child knows how to appropriately extract the fluid, it should be sitting to avoid choking. Never leave the child alone with the cup in its hands.

Mom's reviews

The cup is very nice, the colours draw attention. The soft mouthpiece is ideal for kids who are teething. Overlay for cup with scale can be used as an open cup for drinking.
Serena, Nanny's mother
The cup is great when it comes to quality and colours. You can say that it’s perfect. It's convenient, light and handy, which is a great thing for children who are learning how to hold.
Sara, Doralia's mother
The cup is light, convenient and handy. Good and solid. Up until now nothing happened to it despite everyday use, cleaning, falling and hitting.
Erika, Verla's mother


Two lovi training cups from the retro baby collection
LOVI cup from the Retro collection in the stroller
Small baby looking at a LOVI red training cup and a red soother laying at the changing bed


LOVI Training Cup 150 ml Retro Baby Pink

LOVI Training Cup 150 ml Retro Baby Pink

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LOVI Training Cup 150 ml Marine Red

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LOVI Training Cup 150 ml Marine Blue