LOVI Spare Parts for Prolactis Electric Breast Pump

Anti-return valve

Prevents milk being sucked into the breast pump body.

Silicone massage cushion

Stimulates production and milk flow. Enables gentle and effective expression.


Ensures the proper operation of the breast pump .

Catalog no: 5/503

In Set:

  • anti-return valve

  • seal

  • silicone massage cushion

  • membrane

  • cable with connectors

Product details:

Spare Parts for Prolactis Electric Breast Pump set. It includes: anti-return valve (2x), seal (2x), silicone massage cushion, electric breast pump membrane, cable with connectors.

Expert review

Features of Prolactis Confirmed in Hospital Coordinated Study:

85% confirm that this is an efficient solution to lactation issues and other problems that require a breast pump

90% confirms fast and efficient suckling

95% of mums confirm painless suction

Mom's reviews

The stimulation really works the same as in the case of my baby daughter. The milk is flowing after a moment and I get 120 ml really fast.
Courtney, Farlie's mother
When comparing it to the previous breast pumps, which caused me pain, I only feel tickling. And it looks great, while being very silent.
Kathleen, Solly's mother
This breast pump increased the lactation in a manner of days. There is more milk every day and my daughter is very happy. The breast pump is very easy to use.
Kamila, Izzy's mother


A nurse holding LOVI Prolactis electronic breast pump.