LOVI Silicone Breast Nipple Shields S 2 pcs

Thin, delicate silicone

Ideally adapt to the breast, efficiently protect sore nipples, do not change the smell or taste of the milk.

Contoured shape

Enables proper contact between the child and the breast.


For hygienic shield storage.

Catalog no: 5/602

In Set:

  • Silicone Nipple Shields (2 pcs)

  • capsule for hygienic storage

  • Sterilization with boiling water Sterilization with boiling water
  • Pouring boiling water Pouring boiling water

Product details:

LOVI Silicone Breast Nipple Shields help breastfeeding mums who have an issue of inverted or flat nipples. After lactation consultations can also be used periodically in the case of pain or nipple damage. Shields are available in two, S (small) or M/L (standard) sizes.

  • Soft and delicate

  • Contoured shape

  • Imitate the nipple

  • Smell-less and taste-less

Expert review

Ujastek Hospital Medical Personnel Opinion

LOVI Silicone Breast Nipple Shields are made from high quality material perfectly fulfil their purpose and fit the breast very well. An appropriate shape forces the child to open the mouth wide what results in appropriate nipple grasp. Appropriately stimulate the milk outflow.

Mom's reviews

The protectors are made from very thin silicone - they maintain closeness between the mother and the child. They fit the nipple nicely during feeding.
Bianca, Tonnie's mother
The protectors are thin and have a natural smell, so the child does not feel any difference between being breastfed through a protector or without it.
Greta, Bob's mother
The protectors are super thin and delicate. They have a contoured shape and no smell. The child sucks nicely, not minding the protector at all. 
Janessa, Jasen's mother


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