LOVI Protect Two-phase Manual Breast Pump

Suction strength control

Enables adujsting the suction strenght to individual mum's needs and gentle, painless expression.

Two phases of milk expression

Setting the handle on first position enables fast, shallow movments, stimulating milk flow. Setting the handle on second position enables deeper, more powerful expressing resembling active suckling.

Ergonomic, anti-slip handle

Provides effortless, silent milk suction, even with one finger.

Massage cushion

Stimulates milk flow and enables delicate pumping.

Food storage accessories

Sealing disk, cap, and bottle allow secure milk storage and feeding after replacing the disk with a Dynamic Feeding Teat®.

Breast pump bag

Enables convenient and safe breast pump carrying.

Catalog no: 5/500med_exp

In Set:

  • breast pump with Medical+ Bottle 150 ml

  • handle

  • membrane

  • case

  • food storage set

  • spare parts

  • 6 colour disposable breast pads

  • *spare parts intended for Protect Breast Pump can be bought in good baby item stores and pharmacies

Product details:

LOVI Protect Manual Breast Pump provides basic support to mothers who do not have significant issues with breastfeeding or express milk from time to time. Provides effortless, delicate and convenient milk suction, even with one finger. Tested with the help of hospitals. Medical device.

  • Expresses milk in a natural, 2-phase rhythm (stimulation and deeper suckling)

  • Very delicate

  • Enables convenient, effortless pumping with one finger

Expert review

Tested in Cooperation with Hospitals

LOVI Protect Two-phase Manual Breast Pump allow for comfort expressing without effort in 80% of mums which participated in the study.

Mom's reviews

I really like the fact that you can express milk in two phases – short and long. The suction strength control is also very convenient. The milk expression is painless.
Cristal, Penny's mother
This is the best model from among the manual breast pumps I have tested. I recommend it to all mothers who have no problems with breastfeeding.
Nia, Artair's mother
The breast pump looks great and works silently. The handle is convenient, and the two-phase option is unique among manual breast pumps, so I am very happy with its efficiency.
Rachel, Lucais's mother


Woman breastfeeding a small baby girl.
Woman breastfeeding a small baby girl.Женщина кормит грудью маленькую дочь
The woman is breastfeeding her baby girl sitting on a bed
Woman breastfeeding a small baby girl lying on the bed