LOVI Expert Two-Phase Electric Breast Pump

Soft funnel using new 3D Pumping Technology

The silicone funnel uses all of its surface.

Dynamic Feeding Teat®

Teat made of heterogeneous silicone layers: a thin tip and a hard base. Expands and shrinks with the child’s suckling rhythm, mobilises the jaw muscles to work actively. The child has to try to receive the milk from the teat. The hard base from thicker silicone enables stable, wide lip positioning on the teat. 

Milk storage accessories

The bottle has a tight cap, so after pumping the milk is protected from spilling and can be safely stored in the fridge.


Provides up to 3 hours of continuous work without charging.

Touch panel and display

Intuitive touch panel and user friendly display provide ease of use of the breast pump.

Manual pumping accessories

Thanks to the set included with the breast pump you can easily and quickly assemble a manual breast pump.

Catalog no: 50/000exp

In Set:

  • breast pump with 150 ml bottle, Dynamic Feeding Teat® and sealing disk for milk storage

  • feeding cup with scale

  • adapter

  • electronic touch control panel

  • silicone cable with connectors

  • manual milk pumping set

  • AC adapter

  • stabilising base

  • breast pump case

  • spare parts: cord, silicone element for the valve, connector

  • set of colour disposable breast pads (beige, black, white)

Product details:

LOVI Expert Electric Breast Pump is an expert tool for solving lactation issues and milk pumping. It efficiently and delicately expresses the milk thanks to innovative 3D Pumping Technology. The technologically advanced silicone funnel surrounds the nipple entirely. By working with all of its surface it massages, presses and sucks the nipple just like a baby does. Its design and functioning, as well as the 2-phase system, perfectly mirror the baby’s suckling process.

  • Expresses the milk in a natural, 2-phase rhythm (stimulation and deeper suckling)

  • Precisely massages, presses and sucks the nipple thanks to a unique funnel, entirely made of silicone

  • Quickly and efficiently pumps milk (up to 100 ml in 10 minutes)

  • Easily assembled and used

  • Intuitive touch panel and display

Mom's reviews

Previously I used many breast pumps and none worked properly, but LOVI Expert expressed a large amount of milk in just 10 minutes.
Xiomara, Allister's mother
This breast pump can be used without connecting it to the mains, because it can be charged. The charged device can work for a pretty long time.
Kaylen, Isador's mother
LOVI Expert Breast Pump helped me facilitate lactation and saved my breasts from inflammation which was drawing near.
Lucy, Eberto's mother


Mother sitting with her baby girl on a bed holding a lovi expert electric breast pump.
Young woman expressing breastmilk using LOVI Expert electric breast pump.
Young woman expressing breastmilk using LOVI Expert electric breast pump.