Results of the research on LOVI Prolactis Two-phase Electronic Breast Pump

Lovi prolactis breast pump in black and white

Evaluation of LOVI Prolactis Electronic Breast Pump, a study supervised by midwives and breastfeeding experts

Research conducted in clinical conditions

The LOVI Prolactis Two-phase Electronic Breast Pump is a professional means of support in resolving lactation problems. It is also perfect for those mothers who are professionally active and express milk regularly. It mimics the two-phase suckling process of a baby (milk expression stimulation and deep suckling phase), thanks to which it can express more milk in a shorter time.

The results of a study conducted by medical professionals from the Ujastek Hospital in Kraków and the Siemianowice Śląskie Hospital confirm that: LOVI Prolactis Electronic Breast Pumps are a valid means of professional support, resolving even serious lactation problems.

Lovi prolactis breast pump in black and white



of mothers confirmed effective solution to the problem


of mums confirmed quick and effective milk expression


of responders confirmed painless milk expression


of mums confirmed that LOVI Prolactis Breast Pump stimulation phase help them induce lactation